Samurai Showdown

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Samurai Shodown version on snes, one of the most popular fighting games, each character will have special skills
The game is set in the late 18th century and all the characters in the game use weapons. The game uses the music of that period, which is easy to see in the game as the sound of traditional Japanese instruments such as shakuhachi and shamisen. With the use of multiple weapons, the game has many bloody scenes.

The game quickly gained prominence in its first steps, primarily in fast-paced and aggressive attacks. In order to highlight the originality of the game, slow action has been added to increase damage from difficult attacks. During the match, a referee will hold the flag corresponding to each player (player 1 is white flag, player 2 is red flag). When a player launches a blow, the referee will raise the corresponding flag to let everyone know who is launching the blow. To limit the repetition of a blow, a runner in the back throws things like a chicken or a bomb, which can alter the outcome of the game.



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